January 02, 2023 1 min read

At US KUO SHU ACADEMY in Owings Mills, a class of students gathers for martial arts training. Fathers, mothers and children are among them. This is a family class, a unique opportunity for the generations to engage in a physical activity together.

They also get a firsthand look at that “black sash attitude,” the confidence, respect and other attributes of character that martial arts develops.

Master Michael Huang, owner of US KUO SHU ACADEMY, knows what it’s like to learn alongside a parent — his father Grandmaster Huang Chien-Liang started the business in 1973. They have two schools, one in Owings Mills and one in Marriottsville, which have educated generations of families.

“Whether you are an adult or a kid, there are ways you can develop personally,” Huang says. In that way, martial arts is a full mind and body endeavor — strength, confidence, flexibility and discipline are developed.

US KUO SHU ACADEMY offers classes for kids, adults and families in the disciplines of kung futai chixing yi and ba gua zhang. Grandmaster Huang also teaches Daoist meditation.

Interested in a class? Mention the school’s website and receive a free, small group introductory lesson.

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Owings Mills: (443) 394-9222

Marriottsville: (443) 545-5566