January 02, 2023 2 min read

If you’re someone who has dealt with anxiety, you know exactly how much it can disrupt your life. The constant state of worry and unease can take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being. While you may think anxiety is a useless feeling, it actually comes from our body’s defense mechanisms. Anxiety is activated during a threatening situation and helps us survive. In the face of danger, anxiety triggers our fight or flight response so we can react accordingly.


And while our fight or flight mechanism helped us better survive over the centuries, it is not nearly as relevant with today’s creature comforts. Severe anxiety that is out of proportion to the initial trigger is harmful to one’s health. The recurring and intrusive worry can interfere with daily function, cause increased blood pressure, nausea, and other harmful side-effects. It is imperative to control the level and duration of anxiety to safeguard your health and wellness.


There are many effective ways to manage anxiety. Through exercise, meditation, therapy, many people can limit the negative effects anxiety has on their health and well-being. The regular practice of martial arts is a highly effective way to manage anxiety. Check it out:

Managing Anxiety with Martial Arts Classes

Anxiety can’t thrive in a mind that is focused on the here and now. A mind that is focused on precise posture, movements, and breathing doesn’t have time to worry.


Authentic Kung Fu training has always been about so much more than the physical practice. A discipline built on the mind and body connection – mental strength and perseverance have always been among the many benefits of martial arts training.


So, while discipline and self-control might be what you immediately think of, the mindfulness of martial arts practice itself forces you to be mentally present. That required presence prohibits the wandering of the mind and the creeping in of the worry and anxious thoughts.

Physical and Mental Health are Connected

Physical activity has long been a proven way to limit the effects of anxiety. Martial Arts practice is a great physical exertion that meets that criteria, while also providing other physical outlets as part of the activity.



The act of aerobic exercise stimulates your body to produce endorphins. The feel-good hormone, endorphins lift your mood and energize you.


The physical outlet of releasing the tension, stress, and anxiety of the day in a class where you can kick, punch, and scream in a safe and supportive environment is invaluable. After class, you’ll feel the day’s worries have weakened, and your outlook will be clearer.

Long-Lasting Benefits

The focus and mindfulness, the mental strength and fortitude, and the regular release of endorphins achieved in martial arts class will spill over into the rest of your days and weeks improving your ability to manage anxiety as it presents itself. With time, your fight-or-flight response will require different, more appropriate triggers, and your general anxiety will decrease.


We recommend children and adults alike try our martial arts classes to help lower anxiety. Call today to request a free semi-private lesson at one of our two locations.

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