Ba Gua Zhang

Ba Gua Zhang (Ba Qua Chang) emphasizes circular and spiral body movements and footwork to evade and confuse the opponent. It is based on principles of Chinese philosophy and emphasizes “circle walking” which is also a moving meditation. Training includes empty hand forms, weapons, and self defense application.

The Ba Gua Zhang program includes the following elements:

龍形八卦游身 掌 Long Xing Ba Gua You Sheng Zhang

  • 龍形八卦游身掌 Long Xing Ba Gua You Sheng Zhang
  • 八卦雙劍 Ba Gua Shuang Jian
  • 八卦棍 Ba Gua Gun
  • 八卦掌自衛術 Ba Gua Zhang Zi Wei Shu

孫祿堂八卦掌 Sun Lu Tang Ba Gua Zhang

  • 定步 Ding Bu
  • 活步 Huo Bu
  • 變步 Bian Bu
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