January 02, 2023 1 min read

Not every child wants to participate in a team sport. Many like to be active and learn new things, but at their own pace.

Martial arts is often an activity that appeals to these kids, and for more than just its physical workout.

“Martial arts has been around for thousands of years, not just because of the physical skills they provide, but because of the focus, discipline, and follow-through they teach,” says Master Michael Huang, owner of US KUO SHU ACADEMY.

Huang runs the academy with his father, Grand Master Huang Chien-Liang, who started the business in 1973. They have two schools, one in Owings Mills and one in Marriottsville, which have educated generations of families.

“It’s not just kicking and punching,” Huang says. “We want our students to think beyond that, to develop the soft skills that are not taught in school but will help them when they face adversity. We want them to develop good life habits.”

Students at US KUO SHU ACADEMY are expected to practice what they learn outside of the school. Some of these things include self-discipline at home, reading, healthy eating, and participating in community service.

“Character development and confidence are important to us,” Huang says. “We want to make sure that what our students learn at our academy will carry over to all parts of their lives. In that way, they are not just life skills. They are working on life mastery.”

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