January 02, 2023 2 min read

With the pandemic still spreading, many are choosing to practice martial arts at home with U.S. Kuo Shu’s virtual Kung Fu classes. As we have endeavored to learn the best ways to utilize Zoom, hook up microphones, and angle our cameras, our members made space in their garages, basements, and living rooms to follow along. If you’re interested in taking up virtual martial arts or have already tried and struggling to do so effectively, check out these top tips for maximizing the benefits of your at-home class time.

What Gear Do I Need for Virtual Martial Arts Class?

If you’re practicing weapons training, you will need some at-home gear. You may also prefer items such as punching bags or kicking pads. That being said, Kung Fu practice does not REQUIRE gear. With U.S. Kuo Shu’s virtual classes, your precise movements make your body the only gear you need to continue your black sash training safely during these unprecedented times.

Tips for Choosing and Setting Up Martial Arts Space

You do not NEED a dedicated training space. It is perfectly okay to push your ottoman to the side and use your living room. We also love it when the weather is good, and you can take your device outdoors to join us via Zoom on your deck, patio, or lawn. There is nothing more perfect than enjoying martial arts in nature. However, if you can dedicate a space, it does make martial arts training that much easier. Here are a few ideas:

  • Garage Kung Fu: Park outdoors or clean out half of your stored items to make space in the garage for martial arts and any other exercise you may like to include in your routine.
  • Basement: Finished or unfinished, basements provide plentiful space that is out of the way of everyday living, where you can really focus on your black sash training.
  • Den/Living/Family Room: If your home features an extra living space such as a den or a formal living room, it might be time to repurpose it for Kung Fu. No need to let a room sit relatively unused, clear the floor and sign on to Zoom to get going.
  • Office: Home offices have become so much more since the pandemic. If they work for virtual school and work-from-home, they can also work for practicing martial arts. Arrange your desk against the wall to create more open floor space for martial arts training.
  • Bedroom: Pushing a bed into the corner can be an easy way to make space in a medium to a large bedroom for black sash training.

How to Practice Kung Fu at Home

We encourage you to join our virtual Kung Fu classes. Whether you sign up for a free two-week membership or you’re an existing member, we hope you’ll join us as often as possible.

You can also practice on your own whenever you want. In fact, we encourage all of our students to practice at home regularly.

If you’re not yet a member at USKSA, we encourage you to give us a try with a free two-week trial. Start today.


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