January 02, 2023 4 min read

Tien Shan Pai Black Sash is not about the sash around your waist. It is not about just having the sash as your symbol of achievement. It is deeper and purer than this.

At the U.S. Kuo Shu Academy, getting invited for black sash training has everything to do with your character, commitment, effort, and attitude. This is important because the black sash represents not only your mastery of skills but your hard work, journey, and continuing effort. When a person learns to embrace challenges, persist through failures, see their effort/practice as part of achieving their goals, and learn from criticism, they can achieve anything!

Attaining the Tien Shan Pai black sash comes with benefits that can apply to your everyday life. These benefits or life skills make a Tien Shan Pai black sash priceless. They ensure better performance in life, education, and beyond! Read on as we discuss some of them.

1.      Confidence

Having confidence in yourself is what helps you find courage and resolution in tough times. It involves believing in yourself and knowing you have worth. Confidence can be seen or perceived by others and it attracts success, good connections, and happiness.

Gaining confidence will limit self-doubt and allow you to go after your goals and dreams with everything you’ve got. It is a natural deterrent to bullies as confidence signals to the bully that you are NOT an easy target. And, it will provide enough self-assurance to lower the risk of succumbing to peer pressure.

On your journey to achieving a Tien Shan Pai black sash, confidence is a life skill you are sure to develop. You learn to trust yourself, to see your capabilities, to push, to be proud of your achievements, and to be tough.

2.      Communication

Without communication, there would be no black sash. Your Tien Shan Pai training teaches you to communicate properly. You develop this skill as you work with your teacher and fellow students. Communication that is clear and respectful is what you learn as you become a Tien Shan Pai black sash.

In today’s world of texting and electronic mail, sometimes the tenants of clear, respectful communication get lost in the ease of the technology. Our black sash students learn communication skills more representative of what will be expected in a professional environment. When accepted into the black sash program, students will learn to make presentations on the floor and may even be invited to the instructor trainee program – to learn and practice these communication skills. These universal communication skills will aide in building strong interpersonal relationships. Success in your personal and professional life can hinge on solid communication. A lifelong skill.

3.      Goal setting and achievement

Setting goals is easy but setting SMART goals and achieving them takes a certain acuity. As a student of Tien Shan Pai, you must develop your goal setting ability as you move up in sash levels.

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, and Realistic are the tenants of good goal setting. Black Sash training requires motivation, good attitude, and self-confidence as you achieve each new sash on your way to the ultimate goal of your black sash. Setting, measuring, and attaining goals in your professional life will take on a whole new life with the skills learned through achieving your black sash. Looking forward, setting goals, planning, and achieving them is something that is often overlooked in our personal lives, meaning this skill will absolutely allow you to achieve your personal goals and desires too.

4.      Leadership and teamwork

You develop impressive leadership skills as you become a Tien Shan Pai black sash. The various levels and sashes on your journey put you in a position to teach others, to learn to work successfully with others and to be part of a martial arts family. Once you’ve achieved your black sash, you’ll be in a position to continuously develop leadership and teamwork skills throughout your life. These leadership and teamwork skills are important qualities that will benefit you in your personal and professional life as well as on the mat. After all, “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” – Phil Collins

5.      Physical health

Tien Shan Pai is a special Kung Fu that gives you all the physical benefits of martial arts. Your journey to becoming a black sash helps to improve physical health tremendously. It gives students fitness, flexibility, weight loss benefits, new and improved posture, and relieves stress.

It is important students can acquire these skills on their martial arts journey. The black sash is proof of your dedication, humble spirit, and good health from keeping in shape, gaining confidence, and more. It certainly proves you can defend yourself and others. These benefits do not come from the sash itself but your hard work and steady journey towards that achievement. Without the life skills developed throughout your martial arts studies, you would likely quit right after obtaining the black sash.

Achieving a Tien Shan Pai black sash is truly just the beginning. Professional athletes don’t quit practicing when they make the big leagues. Students don’t stop learning after they earn their High School diploma. Black sash martial artists don’t stop once they tie that new sash around their waste.

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