January 02, 2023 2 min read

Physical exercise has long been proven to be a natural antidepressant and pain-reducing endeavor. Much like other forms of exercise, practicing martial arts will increase the production of endorphins, which will relax your body and mind and diminish the perception of pain. But martial arts can do so much more – making it a fantastic choice for those looking to improve their overall wellness, inside and out.

Increase Strength

When compared with popular cardiovascular exercises such as running, walking, and aerobics, martial arts is superior in that it also helps you increase strength. With the repetitive muscle movements and required precise control of the engaged muscle groups, your body will become stronger, from head to toe.

Improve Bone Density

There is a natural effect on bone health due to age, which can be exacerbated by inactivity. This can lead to osteoporosis and fractures. Regular practice of martial arts can improve bone density to combat these challenges as we age.

Reduce Stress

Long-term stress is harmful to your health. The life-saving reactions that benefit from acute stress end up disrupting your digestion, immune, reproductive, cardiovascular and sleep regulation systems. Regular martial arts practice can reduce stress or help you manage it by increasing endorphins, connecting with others in your martial arts community, and by releasing pent-up energy through cathartic physical activity. Reducing chronic stress is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and longevity.

Combat Depression and Inflammation for Improved Immune Response

Studies have shown depression and physical pain can be associated with hyperactive immune systems. With increased physical exercise, the immune system can be dampened to work at a much more efficient level. This can reduce inflammation, which reduces pain and depression symptoms. With anti-inflammatory benefits, practicing martial arts is beneficial to combat a range of chronic diseases.

If you’re eager to take control of your overall health and wellness, we encourage you to give Owings Mills martial arts a try. We offer two free weeks for new clients, in-person or virtual, so you can be sure martial arts is right for you.



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