US Kuo Shu COVID-19 Response

UPDATE 3/16/2020

Due to the mandate issued by the Governor of the State of Maryland today, we will be closing our schools effective at 5:00PM today through Sunday, April 5. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we hope to resume classes on Monday, April 6. We will be conducting virtual training sessions and learning modules to support your success and help you maintain your practice while home-based.

Also, we have postponed Kids Night Out events that were scheduled for April 4 and 11.

Please continue to stay tuned to our ongoing updates during this time


Dear Students –

Thank you for staying up to date with us as we weather the situation and provide timely updates regarding the COVID-19 health crisis. As a reminder, we will continue to hold our normally scheduled classes but with the necessary precautions as outlined below.

Effective immediately we are suspending all sparring and pushing hands classes until April 5. We are also suspending all contact drills until further notice. We will continue to diligently monitor the guidance and updates from health officials and publish school updates as often as possible.

We are keenly following the developments and the advice of the CDC, World Health Organization, Baltimore County, and the State of Maryland. As always, we are concerned with the safety of our students and are advising and sharing specific health and safety precautions at both school locations.

USKSA school staff have always practiced health and safety cleaning practices in the school and are continuing to do so to ensure your safety while training at the school during this time. These practices include:

1) Full antiseptic wipe downs of all floors and common area surfaces.
2) Full antiseptic wipe downs of practice weapons and bags.
3) Full antiseptic wipe downs of restroom facilities and door handles.
4) Placement of antibacterial solution and wipes for your use before, during and after class.

Thank you and be well.


Owings Mills: (443) 394-9222

Marriottsville: (443) 545-5566

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