January 02, 2023 3 min read

Do as I say, not as I do. A fun moniker that every parent of all time has said to their child when questioned about a specific action. While it is handy for explaining why your child is not allowed to do something you are, it explains perfectly the way in which children learn best. Modeled behavior is most often the behavior children will pick up from the adults in their life. When it comes to good physical health, children need to be shown that 1. Health is an important priority and 2. How to achieve and maintain good health and fitness.

In today’s world, it can be a challenge for parents to model healthy habits for their children. Does work demand too many sedentary hours from your week? Do you struggle with the HOW to be physically healthy as no one modeled it for you as a child? Whatever the case may be, as a parent, you can and should find a way to give your child a better start to life-long health. Finding a program where they will be taught good physical health and fitness habits from the superiors who guide them through – while having fun, is a win for everyone.

Good Physical Health and Fitness Through Martial Arts Class

First and foremost, martial arts class is exercise. Through fun classes, children gain strength, endurance, and work up a good sweat. Children are encouraged to work hard to improve their physical skills and will never get away with hanging back or “phoning it in” at our studio. They are held accountable for coming to class regularly and are required to practice at home to improve skills and achieve goals.

Note: the cardiovascular intensity found in a martial arts class is not the level found by running, jogging, biking, riding an elliptical or other popular cardio workout programs. However, our focus on good health does provide our students with the knowledge and encouragement they need to pursue additional forms of healthy exercise outside of class.

With the supportive and safe environment found in the mutual respect culture of martial arts, your child will feel comfortable trying new things, failing, and continuing to work hard to try it again and again until they get it. This is not your High School physical education class where the jocks bull-doze the less coordinated and make them unwilling to try. This is a school of supportive courtesy where everyone fails at some point but is encouraged and raised up by others.

Healthy Habits Through Good Example and Education

Along with our physically demanding classes, the culture at USKSA is one of full mind and body health and wellness. From instructors to members, we all share a mutual interest in being healthy. Children will find it is “cool” to be healthy and active. It is “cool” to eat well and get enough sleep every night. It is “cool” to take good care of yourself by showing your body and mind respect.

These habits will be modeled to our children’s martial arts students constantly and consistently which will stick in their minds with the benefit of life-long good health habits.

If you’d like to provide your child with an example of how to be healthy and fit, consider martial arts classes at the U.S. Kuo Shu Academy for a life of good health habits.

If you’re interested in a full character development program that is a fun extracurricular activity, we urge you to consider our children’s martial arts program. We offer a free semi-private class so you and your child can check us out. Call today to schedule your free class!

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