Build Unshakeable Confidence

in your child with Martial Arts training.


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Kids Martial Arts

Build Unshakeable Confidence

in your child with Martial Arts training.


Live Virtual Classes

Kids Martial Arts

Build Unshakeable Confidence

You teach your child what is right – martial arts will give your child the confidence and attitude to do what’s right in every situation.

Research has shown the positive effects of developing character in martial arts. “Martial arts have a direct bearing on morality, disciplined ritual, and knowledge of man in the universe” (Becker, 1982), and gradually the Eastern philosophies that permeated martial arts practices encouraged “formation of good moral character [and] non-violent attitudes and behaviors” (Back and Kim, 1989).

Importance of Self-Confidence

Every child needs self-esteem to succeed!

A healthy self-esteem is crucial for your child’s sense of worth. Insisting others treat them with respect while treating others the same way is a building block for success in all facets of life from school to sports and in social situations. Martial Arts training is a great way to build self-esteem and self-confidence while having fun!

“Confidence, Self Defense, focus, and discipline were some of the things my parents were promised the day I walked into my first intro lesson. Though all of these promises were fulfilled, more came with it than either my parents or I predicted when I first was taught kung fu.

Confidence was a big struggle for me early on.  From presentations to everyday conversations, I had a tough time building the courage to speak up for myself. For kung fu, I owe a lot to for all of its support and the confidence it has given me.  I am a much more focused and competent person today than I was when I started.”  

– Benjamin L.

Build Mental Strength

Build mental and emotional strength to eliminate fear.

When a child learns self-defense and bully-prevention tactics, they feel safer. The reduction of fear in one area of life can eliminate fear in other areas. When a child is no longer afraid, they won’t be held back from all the potential for success in life. Martial arts training is a great way to improve a child’s feeling of safety and limit the effects of fear.


Increase confidence by gaining healthy self-esteem.

Health & Fitness

Increase strength and flexibility while improving stress management skills.

Make Friends

Join a community of like-minded individuals where you’re sure to make friends.

Self Defense

Gain confidence and learn conflict management skills to protect yourself.

Bully Proofing

As a loving parent, you want to be able to protect your child and keep them safe. Unfortunately, you can’t always be there when your child encounters dangerous peers.

USKSA teaches conflict avoidance and resolution techniques, and the skills your child needs to protect themselves from harm by others. On the other hand, if your child has demonstrated bully-type behavior patterns, the USKSA program can redirect those negative traits into positive gains.

Enhanced Self-Control & Discipline

Children are not born with self-control. Martial Arts training can guide your child through the years of changing expectations to become self-disciplined.

It may seem so tiny, but every small behavior when a child is very young adds up to a bigger behavior as they get older. We start with high expectations for our youngest martial artists in the class. As self-discipline is a progression of child development we can help further it along by encouraging our youngest to stay on task and not give in to their every urge.

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