January 02, 2023 2 min read


We understand you may believe us to be bias, (and we probably are) but follow along to learn why martial arts training is a better choice than enrolling your child in team sports.

Focus on Individual Growth and Discipline

Martial arts training is a mind, body, and character-building activity. Team sports are focused on playing together as a team to win. With the soul focus on winning, individual character development in mind and body becomes secondary.

Winning team sports requires the team to perform better than the opposition. Success during a martial arts competition requires complete discipline over the individual mind and body.

Full-Body Fitness

Martial arts practice is a full body workout. When compared with a single sport athlete, a martial arts student can expect better overall fitness as every muscle is engaged. This is an especially valuable benefit for those worried about overuse injuries when an athlete is repeating the same movements over and over without gaining strength and endurance in other muscles at a similar rate.

Less Pressure to Perform

Team sports are known for the high pressure they put on athletes to perform, causing stress and anxiety for children starting at young ages. In martial arts, students are encouraged to do their best in a safe and nurturing environment. Martial arts students will work towards their own identified goals and reach them at their own pace.

Coping Skills for Life in General

Children in our martial arts program will learn important skills for getting through the unique challenges of adolescence. With hormones changing, kids being kids at school, pressure from academics, relationship challenges, and emotional ups and downs, stress can be high. Our program nurtures the health of a child’s mind and emotions, teaching them to center their feelings, control them, and focus on what their mind is telling them about the current situation. A skill that will certainly provide value throughout their entire lives!

Children who participate in Marriottsville martial arts classes will improve self-confidence, self-respect, respect for others, mental and emotional health, learn to manage stress better, improve their focus and discipline, and improve physical fitness and establish good habits for life-long health. These character development benefits of martial arts combined with the physical, create a well-balanced life and skills for maintaining it.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in a character development program that will challenge them mentally and physically in just the right way. Give us a call today to claim your free semi-private class.

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