January 02, 2023 2 min read

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At U.S. Kuo Shu Academy, we have long known the mental benefits of regular practice of martial arts. Our students improve their ability to focus, control their emotions, and become mentally healthier. With new studies coming out all the time, a news article has piqued our interest as having proven the anger management benefits of attending martial arts classes.


Martial Arts for Anger Management



Minimizing aggressive behavior can be a challenge for parents. Some children have a propensity for it and have trouble controlling their anger. While the health and fitness benefits of martial arts are often the reason parents and children choose it, there are less-talked-about positive side effects.


A US study of 8-11 year old’s found that martial arts training reduced aggressive behavior in boys. It also increased the likelihood of them being willing to step in and help another child who is being bullied. A similar study with older children found that martial arts “reduced physical and verbal aggression, as well as hostility…”


How Does Martial Arts Lower Aggressive Behavior?


Martial arts provide the tools in mental and physical self-discipline that make it easier for a person to control their behavior even with strong emotions in play. While being taught self-defense and fighting skills, students are simultaneously taught that a physical altercation is the last resort. And with their newly earned skills, they are keenly aware of the power they possess and the importance of
being responsible and only using that skillset if absolutely necessary.


Focusing is vital to channeling energy into singular tasks during martial arts training, such as breaking a board. The ability to focus in those instances transfers to the focus required to avoid being triggered, channeling your natural stress responses elsewhere, and move that energy into resolving that stressor in a non-aggressive, productive manner.


Anger management is a benefit of martial arts practice for students of all ages.



At US Kuo Shu Academy, we live and breathe the full body and mind benefits of practicing martial arts and tai chi! If you want a school who understands these benefits and is committed to making sure you maximize them, try us out today by claiming your free semi-private class.


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