January 02, 2023 2 min read

Tai Chi is an Effective Choice for Combatting Most Back Pain

Did you know that lower back pain is one of the leading causes of disability around the world? With such a large number of people struggling with back pain, it is surprising that treatment can be such a challenge.

The typical doctor will prescribe painkillers or surgery. But  We offer NBC reports  that those typical treatments not only fail to work, but they add more problems. There is fast-growing problem with opioid addiction. Surgery is often very expensive, poses other risks to patients and doesn’t always work.

Exercise Beats Drugs or Surgery for Back Pain

The single best long-term cure for chronic back pain is regular exercise. Going so far to say that “rest rarely helps: all patients should be urged to stay active.”

It turns out that tai chi and gentle qigong are at the top of the list for back pain patients.

Tai Chi is Low-Impact

The first and most important element of  tai chi  is that it is low-impact. Chronic back pain can be worsened if impactful activity is attempted.

Slow, Focused Movements

Secondly, tai chi focuses on slow, fluid movements for better posture, flexibility, coordination, balance and stamina. The movements are highly focused on increasing strength in the core, vital to improving back pain over time.

Moving Meditation Relaxes the Mind, Body & Back

Breathing helps relax the body. Chronic pain causes a tenseness that only intensifie the pain. With a relaxed mind and body, oxygenated blood flows more freely to muscles and the brain to allow relief.

The meditative qualities of the slow, controlled movements and breathing dissipates stress and anxiety. While there are a myriad of reasons for chronic back pain, pain caused by psychological and emotional factors is real, and can be relieved by managing stress.

In addition, the study also mentions physical therapy, counseling, and massage as extremely beneficial for back pain patients as well. We urge those suffering through chronic back pain to try non-drug, non-surgical solutions first.

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