January 02, 2023 2 min read

For art that involves some form of aggression, it might sound strange to hear that it can be a great way to reduce aggression in people. Why this is possible is much simpler than you think and entirely feasible when you understand what martial arts is about.

Several researchers have conducted studies to investigate how martial arts plays a role in youth aggression, violence, and anger. The reports of one meta-analysis of 507 participants between the ages of 6 and 18, stated that,

“It does not appear to matter which specific martial arts are used, but rather the common themes of repetitive movements, controlled behaviors, and respect are key.”

These findings were published March 3, 2017, in the peer-reviewed journal Aggression and Violent Behavior.

Other studies have also shown that these results are consistent regardless of age and gender.

How martial arts helps with aggression

  1. Teaches discipline

Anger or aggression is a natural human emotion that isn’t bad in itself. What often creates a problem is how one chooses to use these emotions in relating with others. It shows a lack of self-discipline. In martial arts, students learn self-discipline. They learn to control themselves and focus through a lot of emotions. To become better at martial arts, you must become better at self-discipline, and this carries over into real-life.

  1. Enforces focus

Imagine what it takes for a child or anyone to break a board in half with nothing but bare hands. It takes great focus and channeling your emotions to the right place. Soon aggression and other negative emotions can effectively be dispelled as a person practices martial arts.

  1. Learning to manage emotions

Emotion management is such a vital skill in life, but not everyone seems to grasp it so well. Self-discipline and focus give you the ability to be able to manage your emotions. Rather than lose control, you can easily dispel negative emotions at the training ground. You will also find that having inner peace and patience with others will begin to come almost naturally. You become less likely to fall into anger.

Why martial arts can reduce aggression

Martial arts is fun to practice and quickly enhances mental well-being. Unlike many options for reducing aggression, martial arts is a practice seen as cool or acceptable in social circles. It’s also not dedicated to reducing anger issues, which makes practicing and getting the benefits comfortable for a person with aggression issues.

It’s a cost-effective option that doesn’t alienate you as a person. Compare this with other methods for reducing aggression, like seeing a professional or psychologist. Most patients in this situation are at high risk of becoming offenders. Even self-help programs might not always go as planned. Martial arts is both more affordable and effective alone or to complement these other solutions.

Martial arts equally offers a broad range of styles with options to find what suits your individual need or interest. You can get started easily with FREE introductory classes.


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