January 02, 2023 2 min read

When it’s that time for you to step up and start practicing martial arts, you might be confused about where to start. There are hundreds of martial arts styles, and how can you know what’s best for you?

Thankfully, choosing the best style of martial arts for you is easier than you think. With some knowledge and a guide, you will be able to do this easily.

The steps that help you choose


Determine your reason for learning

Not everyone just ups and desires to learn martial arts. So if you have an interest in it, there must be a reason. Your reasons can be ridiculous or pretty serious, but it doesn’t matter because no two persons are the same. Some common reasons why people learn martial arts are to keep fit, master self-defense skills, be cool, meet new people, de-stress, or establish a new hobby. From your list of reasons, you can prioritize the ones that matter most and let this guide you in your search for the best martial style for you.


Know the styles that exist

Martial arts isn’t just Kung Fu and karate. There are several types teaching various martial arts styles. Some styles or types are more formal than others. By formal we mean the style emphasizes details like the style of dress, method of addressing seniors, training etiquette, ceremony, and so on.

Some styles are a little of this, and others can be described as informal.

Aside from this differentiation, the more important one is styles in terms of techniques –

  1. Striking martial arts. Here students learn self-defense using their feet and moves like kicks and punches. Within this style, you will find types of martial arts such as boxing, kickboxing, Kung Fu, and karate.
  2. Grappling martial arts. This is exactly how it sounds and it involves been in full constant contact with your opponent with the intention of taking them to the ground. Examples are wrestling, Brazilian jujutsu, sumo, and Russian sambo.
  3. Weapon-based martial arts. This style trains heavily in using weapons and includes types like kendo and kali.
  4. Other styles include meditative styles (example Tai chi), throws or takedown styles (judo, aikido), and hybrid styles like MMA.

Match a style with your most important reason for learning and you will be almost done choosing the best style of martial arts for you.


Dispel the myths

It’s crucial to enter the martial arts world with the right mindset. Martial arts helps you improve yourself in unexpected ways but only if you let it. Some popular myths that may misinform your expectations are –

A school can teach you the ultimate and most secret form of self-defense ever. Every martial art style is great in itself, and there’s no special secret to acquiring deadly skills. How good you become is all up to your hard work and dedication regardless of style.

You can be too old to learn martial arts. This is untrue. Owings Mills Martial arts is for everyone and you only need to pick what suits you.