January 02, 2023 2 min read


Every parent wants their child to grow up strong and ready to take on life and succeed. Sometimes you try your best to offer your kids the skills they need at home, other times it’s up to your child’s school to help too.

But it’s also possible to use children’s martial arts to instill life lessons in several areas, especially self-discipline.

Why self-discipline?

Self-discipline is a person’s ability to control their emotions and impulses. It allows a person to resist instant gratification and opt for what brings long-term satisfaction. It is also the ability to take action regardless of your mental, physical, or emotional condition and doing what you are supposed to do when you’re supposed to do it before being asked or told repeatedly.

It’s important for children to learn self-discipline early because it helps them make decisions. It teaches them to be independent and not to rely on others to know the right thing to do.

It is vital for overcoming challenging situations while growing up and in adulthood.

By learning life lessons on self-discipline with martial arts, your child can experience benefits like;

1. Increased self-confidence

Self-discipline complements self-confidence. By using discipline to grow and acquire their belts, children get confident in their abilities. The more they achieve as both qualities develop, the less fear they will have in life and anything.

2. Good health

Aside from martial arts lessons helping your child stay physically fit, self-discipline teaches your child to be obedient. They are willing to listen and understand your reasons for telling them to eat their veggies, maintain good hygiene, and so on. They are better able to maintain a proper diet and even encourage you to do the same too.

3. Increased productivity and tolerance

When self-discipline means doing what you’re supposed to do without being told, children get more productive. Even as adults, being able to make prompt decisions, stay accountable, take action and so on help to increase productivity. Kids also gain tolerance through self-discipline. This includes tolerance of negative emotions from themselves and others.

With self-discipline, life becomes much easier.

How children martial arts sneak in life lessons of self-discipline

It’s easy to see that for many people who practice martial arts – both adults and children – they come to see it as a safe haven. This commitment to the art makes it easy to incorporate and pick up the life lessons hidden within. Children’s martial arts teach life lessons of self-discipline through the following;

1. Goal setting.

Using the belt ranking system to separate skill levels, martial arts students to work towards each level as a goal. It drives them to become self-aware and practice self-discipline to achieve their goals.

2. Enforcing discipline.

In children’s martial arts class, instructors instill discipline by not tolerating disobedience or children acting up. Children learn that they are expected to pay attention to what’s going on around them and follow rules. This discipline often shows in their regular classroom behavior, too.

3. Cause and effect.

Children’s martial arts show that actions have consequences/effects by helping children mold the results of punches, body weights, practice, and so on.



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