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Kids love to have fun, learn, make friends, and stay active. It’s healthy for them and good for their development. Whether you live in Owings Mills or Marriottsville, there’s no shortage of kids’ activities to try. We have put some delightful options together for you to serve kids of all ages.


Visit Irvine Nature Center

If you are looking for kids’ activities near you, a place featuring wildlife should be top of your list. Kids love to see and interact with nature and animals, which is precisely what Irvine Nature Center provides. Over 70 animals are on these beautiful grounds, and exploring both nature and diverse species is exciting kids’ activities or family fun outings.


Play at an indoor playground

Kids can hardly get enough play, especially in an environment with all the fun toys, tools, and friends. Indoor playgrounds like the Bubala Indoor Playground cater to kids up to 7 years old and provide safe playing options for everyone. Kids’ activities like this can do more than soak up your child’s energy by helping them learn independence. You can also visit Pump It Up for inflatable bounce and family fun.


Go to a park

Kids’ activities near you in Owings Mills and the Marriottsville area usually include going to the park. Depending on which parks you choose, you can find the most kid-friendly options with several things to do. Try Northwest Regional Park for a kid-friendly adventure. The park features sports attractions like baseball and football fields, trails for skating or biking, picnic spots, and more. It’s suitable for the entire family too.

Fun with books and learning

There are a good number of great venues to catch storytime and engage in crafts for kids. Places like the Barnes & Noble store offer exciting kids’ activities like book reading and crafts. You can also get even more on story time at the Baltimore County Public Library. The library includes fun learning activities appropriate for your child’s age.


Get improved health, wholesome fun, and make friends in one place.

Kids need to spend their excess energy the right way, and children’s martial arts at USKSA is your best bet. Using any of the kids’ programs available, you will find USKSA is a good place for kids’ activities near you. Your child will be taught by experienced and qualified instructors, learn a life-saving skill, gain new friends, develop improved health, learn self-defense, and stay active. Martial arts is fun for not only children but families looking for an activity that everyone can do together.


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