January 02, 2023 2 min read

Now that we have discussed respect, self-discipline, and confidence, it’s time to discuss how martial arts can help with focus.

What is Focus?

Focus is the ability to concentrate or keep your attention on something in particular. Since we all tend to have a lot going on in our lives, and focus seems challenging for many, taking a martial arts class can benefit us all. Focusing on the task at hand can create better efficiency and fewer mistakes. We have all had those days where we wonder where all of the time has gone. That can usually be attributed to a lack of focus.

Being Present

While there are many parts of focus, being present in the here and now is one way to improve your focus. You must be in the moment to continue improving during martial arts training. If you are thinking of what to make for dinner, or about how work went earlier, or what’s coming tomorrow, you are not being present. Mindfulness is the term used to describe this.

How Would Martial Arts Help Me Focus?

During martial arts class, your instructors will repeatedly redirect your point of focus. This will enhance your ability to stay focused on what is happening, as it strengthens your attention. Will this actually help you at home? It is very likely to help you outside of class and in class. The focus boost that your mind has learned generally follows you through the other aspects of life.

Everyday Things to Help you Continue to Build Your Focus at Home

There are many ways to continue improving your focus. Here are a few to get you started.

  • Being Mindful – Practice being present at times you don’t need to be, such as eating, driving, or any other activities that are just a force of habit at this point.
  • Meditating – Practice meditation. Since this relaxes the mind and body, your focus should be easily improved.
  • Remove Distractions – Anytime you need to spend some time focusing, it is best to remove any distractions from the area. Turning your phone off or silencing notifications on your computer are significant steps to eliminating distractions.
  • Taking Notes – Taking notes on tasks that you might not fully understand can be a huge help in being able to keep learning them and improving your focus.

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