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If You Want to Change Your Life for the Better – This is the Place to Start!
If you want to change your life for the better – this is the place to start! Feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally through the varied benefits of Chinese martial arts. I went into this school as a soon-to-be divorced mother of two. Three years later, I am a changed person. Not only have I grown more physically fit, but also more confident in myself, and much more calm. I know that life is going to throw me many curve balls. But because of the skills I have learned at US Kuo Shu Academy, and the support of a caring kung fu community, I know I can meet my challenges with grace and resilience. At US Kuo Shu Academy you not only learn techniques, but also life lessons. Try out the introductory lessons package. You’ll thank yourself later!


Irvin Lee

The Best School of Martial Arts
“My children have been students for more than 4 years now and they love this school of martial arts. U.S Kuo Shu Academy is their second home, learning not just Kung-fu but also developing ones character as a good, responsible, respectful and disciplined citizen. Thank you very much Grandmaster Huang, Master Michael Huang and all the teachers and students for making this place the best school of martial arts."


Nam Phamdo

I've Grown Tremendously Over the Past 6 Years!
I’ve been studying Tai Ji and Xing Yi at this school for over six years and love every single minute. The head instructor, Grandmaster Huang Chien Liang, is a truly world renowned martial artist who has been teaching for over 40 years. The senior instructors are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I’ve grown tremendously over the past six years and have seen the same growth in my fellow classmates. The school also offers programs in adult Kung Fu and kids Kung Fu. Highly recommended.


Tanesha Collins

A school that focuses on character development
"I love this Academy for my son. His development has been amazing with his focus, confidence and communication. The teachers are so patient, knowledgeable and skillful. If you want a school that focuses on character development and being a good person along with setting personal goals…

This is the place for you and your family!!!!!!!"


Chris Aitken

I Couldn't Be Happier With The Program
"I started training with USKSA because I was looking for a new challenge, something to dedicate my time to learning and bettering myself. I couldn’t be happier with the program, the instructors, and the other students. It’s a great place for both beginners and experienced martial artists."


Nadia Kim

The School is Very Friendly and Family-Oriented
I first started with this school back in 2000 and was very impressed. After a very long hiatus and living life I not only returned but brought two out of three kids so far to also join. Since joining my kids have thrived and I have lost over 50 lbs. If you push its an amazing work out and I am no spring chicken. The staff at this school are AWESOME! They work with the students to help them achieve growth and push them to strive for excellence. The environment at the school is very friendly and family-oriented and I don’t think I could have picked a better school.


Rebekah Hogg

I Immediately Felt Welcomed.
“I started martial arts here after a (rougly) 19 year hiatus. I immediately felt welcomed. The instructors are compassionate, patient, and extremely knowledgable. The content is comprehensive, and the classes day by day and week by week are wonderfully structured. If you want to get back into the arts, or even start for the 1st time, I highly reccomend US Kuo Shu academy."


Mitchell Jay

Fostering a Community of Caring, Hardworking, and Kind Individuals
“I have attended U.S. Kuo [Shu] Academy for 13 years, and cannot even begin to describe the impact the school has had on me as both a martial artist and a person. Expert instructors teach the rich curriculum with great skill, focusing on techniques relevant to both self-defense and wellness. However, it is not just the superior curriculum and teaching methods that make this school so special. U.S. Kuo [Shu] Academy truly instills in students its motto ‘Virtue, Wisdom, Humility, Martial arts.’ This motto permeates the student body, fostering a community of caring, hardworking, and kind individuals. If you want to become a skilled martial artist and improve yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and ethically, then there is not a better place than U.S. Kuo [Shu] Academy.”


Judy Sulisufaj

Instructors are All Top-notch and Embody Exactly What a Martial Artist Should
My daughter has been a student at US Kuo Shu since 2009. The instructors are all top-notch and embody exactly what a martial artist should… discipline, character, knowledge, professionalism, etc. The standards are very high and well respected in the community. I highly recommend this school above all others.


Character Development

Develop a leadership mindset with discipline, focus, and integrity.

Health & Fitness

Increase strength and flexibility while improving stress management skills.

Make Friends

Join a community of like-minded individuals where you’re sure to make friends.

Self Defense

Gain confidence and learn conflict management skills to protect yourself.

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