January 02, 2023 2 min read

Stress. Sounds like an adult word. But, in fact, today’s children face a great deal of stress due to pressure from media, school, sports, parents, and friends. In fact, Psychology Today says today’s kids are “stressed by being overscheduled, having too much homework, by family expectations and the trials of growing up. Not surprisingly, they’re also stressed by having to navigate the social scene.”

Helping children gain the tools to manage that stress so that it does not negatively affect their health and wellbeing is more vital today than ever. With the skills and life lessons picked up at children’s martial arts classes, your child will gain invaluable knowledge and practice the skills required to manage that stress and enjoy life, less affected by stress from the outside world.

Focus and Breathing for Better Stress Management

Martial Arts training requires extreme focus and breath control. While it is not meditation exactly, the action does require mindfulness and skills akin to meditation. As your focus during class moves into controlling your body movements with precision, the mind has no other choice but to let go of the stress of the day and focus on the task at hand.

As martial arts class progresses, the day’s stress melts away and the breath and body reclaim the energy which was being dissipated by that stress. With energy and clear comprehension, a student will channel the stress out and redirect it into a skillful ability to control that stress and become less stressed over time. The ability to arrive at a class as a jumbled-up ball of stress, and leave with a clear mind, will become a skill martial arts students can use outside of class even when not guided by an instructor.

If you’re interested in a full character development program, improving stress management skills, that is also a fun extracurricular activity, we urge you to consider our children’s martial arts program. We offer a free semi-private class so you and your child can check us out. Call today to schedule your free class!

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