Xing Yi


Xing Yi Quan (Hsing I) teaches direct and aggressive techniques that both block and counterattack simultaneously. The training methods include standing meditation, practice of the five elements fists, and forms that are evocative of the movements of twelve animals. As in the Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) and Kung Fu programs, our Xing Yi Quan program includes instruction in the traditional Chinese weapons of broadsword, straight sword, long staff and spear. Due to students’ interest, US Kuo Shu Academy now offers a class focusing exclusively on Xing Yi. Our Xing Yi Quan program includes the following elements:

形意拳 Xing Yi Quan

  • Five Element Fist [五行拳 Wu Xing Quan]: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.
  • Seven-Star Linking Form [七星連環拳 Qi Xing Lian Huan Quan]
  • Twelve Animals [十二形 Shi Er Xing]: Dragon, Tiger, Monkey, Horse, Water Lizard, Chicken,
    Sparrow Hawk, Swallow, Snake, Roc, Eagle and Bear.
  • Combination Form [綜合拳 Zong He Quan]
  • Eight Pattern Fist [八式拳 Ba Shi Quan]
  • Mixed Pattern Fist [雜式拳 Za Shi Quan]
  • Twelve Crossing Hammer [十二橫捶 Shi Er Heng Chui]
  • Five Element Constructive Form [五行生剋 Wu Xing Sheng Ke]
  • Stable Body Pounding [安身炮 An Shen Pao] 
  • Xing Yi Broadsword [形意刀 Xing Yi Dao]
  • Xing Yi Straightsword [形意劍 Xing Yi Jian]
  • Xing Yi Long Staff [形意棍 Xing Yi Gun]
  • Xing Yi Self Defense [形意拳自衛術 Xing Yi Quan Zi Wei Shu]