Class Extension

Class Extension


We know that there will be times that something gets in the way of your regular class schedule. Just let us know so we can help you make it up. If you’re going to miss class for a week, shoot for three classes before you leave and three classes when you return to stay on track for your next sash promotion.

If you’re going to be away for two weeks or more, we will allow you to extend the time missed at the end of your membership agreement.

Please see the guidelines below:

  • Extensions must be placed for two weeks or longer and before the start date of the requested period. We do not backdate extensions.
  • The length of time of an extension cannot exceed the amount of time remaining on the program. For example, if there is one month remaining on the program, an extension cannot exceed one month.
  • The maximum cumulative extended time cannot be longer than the total length of the program. For example, no more than 12 months of an extension will be approved on a 12-month enrollment.
  • Placing your account on extension must be done online and not accepted through verbal requests or emails.
  • We allow up to three extensions per calendar year.
  • For families, each student must complete a separate extension form.
  • When a request is submitted within the appropriate time frame and falls within the guidelines outlined here, you will receive an email confirmation of your extension request. Please keep the confirmation email for your records.
  • Please note that an extension does not stop or alter the terms of the tuition payment schedule. Once approved, the time missed will be added to the end of the current membership agreement.