Approved Weapon Source

Only weapons purchased through USKSA or through the following links are approved for usage at USKSA. 

Please see an instructor for other weapon requirements. 



This weapon is a good starter spear.  It's the cheaper of the two options.  The wooden shaft is 64" long, and the spear head is another 9".  The spear tip is chrome steel (I wouldn't use it in a real fight if I had a choice, but that's unlikely to be a necessary consideration).
This spear is overall 7 inches longer (78.25" wooden shaft with an 11.75" head).  The spear head is more prominently defined and is made of combat steel (this is probably a higher carbon amount, meaning it would hold an edge longer ... better in a fight, a little heavier, and almost certainly not a necessary consideration).  This is a good spear for people that are too tall for the previous entry, or if they want it for demonstration/competition (since the spear head just looks better).  It's currently $30 more expensive.