January 02, 2023 3 min read

The definition of the word Kung Fu may be explained in various ways, but they all come down to the hard work and mastery of skill over time. This requires consistent practice for the brain and muscles to master the movements. That fact in and of itself lends Kung Fu to a dedicated mindset. Those who stick with it are inherently enthusiastic and, through the work itself, sometimes become addicted to the practice on their path towards a black sash.

But what makes Kung Fu so addictive? Check it out:

Applicable Self Defense Skills

Hopefully, outside of competition, you won’t have any reason for a physical altercation in your lifetime. However, having self-defense skills that are practical and applicable to a situation should it arise is priceless. Not only does Kung Fu give you the physical skills to face a threat, but it also promotes conflict avoidance tactics that could ultimately help defuse a situation before it turns physical.

Conflict avoidance is vital for school-aged children when it comes to preventing bullies. It also provides crucial skills for a bullied child to properly handle the situation, diffuse it, and not allow it to impact their self-worth.

The peace-of-mind and self-confidence built are indescribable feelings that no one wants to give up once they’ve achieved them.

Sense of Community

What brings you to Kung Fu are not the only benefits that will keep you coming back. One of these bonus benefits is the sense of community, family, and friendship achieved at your martial arts studio. A Maryland martial arts school is a fantastic place to make new friends who are like-minded and have similar goals related to health, wellness, and character.

In today’s digitally connected world, communication has become easier, but a true connection has become more complicated. The comraderies that occur in a Kung Fu school with your peers provide a perfect building block for long-term friendships.

Builds Character

Respect, humility, self-discipline, persistence, confidence, and patience are not qualities we are born with. Some may pick them up over time from parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors. But no discipline focuses intentionally on building these character traits the way martial arts does. Throughout everything we do, from how we enter the school to how we address our peers and instructors to how we support each other with dignity and respect, the Kung Fu program at U.S. Kuo Shu Academy is a character-building program.

Enhances a Variety of Life Skills

When you practice Kung Fu, you’ll fill in some traditional education gaps and improve on other life skills. Strengthening your problem-solving skills, staying calm under pressure, diffusing a conflict, and learning how to work well with a variety of personality types are just a few examples of skills picked up in martial arts.

Fantastic Workout

Kung Fu practice is a wonderful multi-faceted workout. It provides heart-pumping aerobic exercise to increase lung capacity and endurance. While simultaneously strengthening all the major muscle groups.

Over time you’ll notice your body transform with more tone and muscle definition. You’ll feel an increase in vitality and have more energy to carry you through your busy days.

Healthy Addiction

Kung Fu is a healthy addiction. While we hesitated at all to use the word “addiction” with its negative connotations, there are no words to indicate the level to which Kung Fu students become dedicated to the practice. We could call it a habit – but it is not like brushing your teeth. Kung Fu is so much more.

At the U.S. Kuo Shu Academy, all of these addictive qualities of practicing Kung Fu are in full effect for our members. We intentionally focus our programs to build the character traits that help people succeed in life (both personally and professionally) and become productive members of society. Start today!