January 02, 2023 1 min read

Are you looking for some engaging fun and challenges during social-distancing? Our team is working hard to share some fun activities and challenges on Facebook throughout the stay-at-home order. As they promote those challenges on Facebook, we’ll be adding them here to help you find them when you’re ready.

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Remember: HAVE FUN!!! 

Sash Tying Challenge:

Are you ready for the sash tying challenge? Watch the video and see if you can beat Mrs. Santos-Graves in our latest challenge! The rules are:

1. You must start with your sash in front of you;
2. You must wrap your sash twice around your waist, just as you would normally tie your sash; and
3. You must end your tie with a knot.

Practice first. Then when you think you are ready to go, ask someone in your household to record you. Ms. Santos consistently bested everyone in the leadership class last week. Let’s see if you can beat her: submit your video and you may win a gift certificate to SushiQ2 in Owings Mills. To sweeten the deal, each time someone beats Ms. Santos’ time, Mr. Weeber will do 10 push ups! How fast can you tie your sash?

Ready? Set…GO!

Family Scavenger Hunt Workout


Social Media Challenge


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