January 02, 2023 2 min read

Meditation isn’t only what you might see on television and movies. While sitting in a quiet space entirely focused on breathing and nothing more is classic meditation, you can reap the benefits of meditation through Tai Chi (moving meditation) as well.

Whether you go the traditional route or otherwise, meditation offers a great many benefits for your mind, body, and spirit. Some are anecdotal and widely accepted as benefits, others are scientifically proven! Check out all the reasons you should meditate and the benefits you may experience:

Meditation Reduces Stress & Anxiety

By far the favorite reason for taking up meditation or Tai Chi is for stress reduction. Today’s world is moving fast, and adults face a lot of pressure from work, family, and otherwise. Managing our ability to cope with that pressure is vital to remaining healthy.

Anxiety can be a cause or a symptom of stress, but can be counteracted with regular mindful meditation practice too!

Improves Emotional Control – Reduces Depression

The calmness experienced during meditation practice is thought to have a lasting effect in our everyday lives. But more than that, studies have shown meditation decreases depression and improves emotional health.

Meditation Can Alleviate Chronic Pain

Meditating allows a person to better regulate heart rate and cope with stress. Chronic pain sufferers face increased levels of stress due to pain, which alters their perception of pain. It is a vicious cycle. Meditation can reduce the degree or perception of pain while also decreasing the anxiety and emotional distress that can intensify the pain.

Fight Age-Related Memory Loss

Meditating has shown to improve blood flow to the brain to improve memory and reduce age-related memory loss. In fact, it increases blood flow to the frontal lobe and parietal lobe – both involved in retrieving memories. Experts explain it as being similar to lifting weights to gain strength in your muscles, but this muscle happens to be your brain.

Meditation Improves Heart Health

Reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and improving psychological health is an obvious way to improve heart health. But with limited studies on the cardiovascular benefits of meditation, there is not enough evidence to definitively tie reduced cardiovascular risk directly to meditation. However, The American Heart Association does recommend meditation for its myriad of health benefits associated with improved heart health – but not to substitute healthy eating, exercise, managing weight or taking prescribed medications with meditation practice.

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