January 02, 2023 2 min read

It’s common practice to drop kids off for an activity and spend the time waiting for them to finish. What you may not realize in this fast-paced world of today is the importance of spending quality time with your child.

Doing activities as a family can reduce the likelihood of behavioral problems, problems in school, substance abuse, and so on. It builds stronger emotional bonds in the family, improves child self-esteem, and stimulates better performance in school.

Finding a family gym near you to work out and stay fit together might seem like a good way to start. But a typical gym may not adequately promote quality family time. In a regular gym, your family separates to work out, but in a family martial arts program, you stay together learning and practicing and interacting with other families doing the same thing.

Before you opt for your regular family gym near you or a gym for kids, read the benefits of a family martial arts program below.

It brings you closer as a family

At US KUO SHU Academy, we create an environment where families can bond and become closer by helping and cheering each other. Learning together to develop skills also ensures the feeling of having a support system. This makes learning something new, much better.

It’s a fun exercise

Martial arts is a healthy physical activity that helps to work the entire body and make you fit. This benefit will be for every member of the family practicing together. Family martial arts programs are also fun, filled with love, patience, and growth.

It works for all ages

Contrary to what you may think, martial arts offers something for all ages. It doesn’t matter that you have a toddler or older adult in the family. Martial arts is suited for everyone to learn and practice at their pace.

Taking martial arts as a family builds respect

It’s not strange to bicker or fight in a family, but working out and learning new skills together with martial arts helps to teach respect. Martial arts provide practitioners with life skills that affect how they treat themselves and others.

It’s great for memories

As a family, it’s important to have moments you can all look back on and smile. Family martial arts let you build fond memories that will last long for the entire family.

You can all make friends

Since family martial arts programs let you practice with other families, you can boost your social interaction and make new friends. These other families will have the same goal for a healthy mind and body lifestyle.

You can get started at the US KUO SHU Academy for a family martial arts program.



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