January 02, 2023 3 min read


Bullying in school or among children is a major issue that is more common than any parent would like. In recent times, bullying has grown from physical or verbal bullying on the playground to cyberbullying.

As a parent, you probably wish there was a way to stick by your child 24/7 and offer the protection they need. But did you know martial arts programs help to deter bullies and bullying?

Your child is not only at risk of being bullied by other kids but also at risk of becoming the bully. Here is how martial arts training helps to protect your child from falling in either category, even in adulthood.

Why and who bullies

A child may bully other kids to fit in, gain attention, or as a response to being bullied themselves. You may notice the signs that indicate your child is a bully, and they include;

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Having friends that bully
  • Excessive worry over their reputation among peers
  • Trying to control friends
  • Gets into physical or verbal fights
  • And so on.

Bullying is often a predator and prey situation where bullies pick on those who seem weak, unsure of themselves, shy/withdrawn, small, less popular in school, or at any form of a disadvantage.

Hence, the best ways to deter bullying are part of the values taught through martial arts which include;

1. Self-confidence

It’s a fact that bullies stay away from confident kids. As we have explained above, bullies target kids who seem insecure or weak. Through martial arts training, kids learn to develop new skills and push themselves to achieve goals. They learn that when you fall, you get back up again. They develop restraint and discipline and the ability to defend themselves. This instills self-confidence that is evident and makes them less likely to be a target for bullying.

Bullies themselves enjoy prestige born from fear in others. By developing self-confidence through martial arts, your child won’t need to resort to such behavior for approval or attention.

2. Speaking up

Speaking up is the next step to self-confidence for bully prevention. Bullies hardly pick on a child that can speak up for themselves. In martial arts training, kids learn to respond to instructions loud and clear. They learn loud energy yells that train them to be comfortable calling attention to themselves and speaking up in any situation. This makes it easy for your child to confidently look a bully in the eye and state clearly that they want to be left alone. They will also have no problem reporting the incident immediately.

3. Resolving conflicts

Some parents always wonder if learning martial arts to deter bullies and bullying means their child will be quick to resort to violence against others. Contrary to this, some key parts of martial arts training are restraint and the ability to resolve conflicts peacefully. Martial arts teaches respect for authority, others, and themselves that both prevent a child from bullying others or getting physical with a bully. It gives children the confidence and mental strength to also walk away and not be baited into a fight. Self-defense against physical fights is a last resort, and your child will know how to do this with control.

Bullying doesn’t have to be an issue for your child. Values taught in martial arts can teach your child ways to prevent being bullied or deter from bullying. Learning self-confidence, knowing when and how to speak up, and conflict resolution are just a few benefits of martial arts training. Enroll your child in martial arts classes to make a great first step to promoting a healthy social experience.




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