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Kung Fu for Adults

Martial Arts Classes

At the U.S. Kuo Shu Academy, we teach a complete program in traditional Chinese martial arts. In the United States, these practices are sometimes called “Kung Fu.”

At the beginner level, the Kung Fu program includes stretching and warm-up exercises, striking and self-defense techniques, joint locks and pre­arranged sequences of techniques which we call “forms.” After developing skill at the beginner level, students start to take on sparring practice and weapons training. Later, some Kung Fu students elect to participate in the school’s Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi) curriculum, in order to develop a fuller perspective of the Chinese martial arts.

In the background of our instruction, we emphasize the philosophies expressed in the Tien Shan Pai Motto “Virtue, Wisdom, Humility, Martial Arts.” Students are expected to exhibit these qualities both inside and outside of the school.

Kung Fu

Our principle Kung Fu style is Tien Shan Pai, a northern style that originated in the Tien Shan mountains of northwestern China. It is well known as an effective fighting style. At the same time, Tien Shan Pai also contains graceful empty­hand and weapons forms stressing rhythm and “ing shou” the demonstration of power accentuated by solid thuds made by the hands. Tien Shan Pai self-­defense techniques are characterized by attacks from the side coupled with multiple blocks so that if one block fails, the second can cover. Footwork is considered essential to countering attacks; Tien Shan Pai focuses on low, steady steps to the side, along with swift “hidden” steps to trick the opponent.

Our Kung Fu program also features forms from the Nanjing Central Kuo Shu Academy, a martial arts university created in the 1930s in China. Other Kung Fu styles include Ground style, Monkey style, Sun Bin boxing, and so on.

Martial Arts Weapons Training

We train in a variety of Chinese weapons, including broadsword, straight sword, long staff, short staff, spear, steel whip and big knife (Kwan Dao). Double weapon training (double straightsword, double broadsword, double hooksword) and weapon two­-person sets are also included in the standard curriculum.

Students are also trained in qinna (joint locking and grappling), shuai chiao (Chinese wrestling/throwing), and san da (fighting techniques). For advanced practitioners, power training in iron palm, pole and martial qigong is possible.

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