Shi Fu Nair

Shi Fu Nair

Shi Fu Nair is a 65th Generation student of Tien Shan Pai and a direct disciple of Grandmaster Huang, Chien-Liang. He started his Tien Shan Pai training in 1992 and began studying directly under Grandmaster Huang in 1997. Shi Fu Nair currently holds a 4th degree Black Sash in Tien Shan Pai under Grandmaster Huang. A national, international and World level champion, Shi Fu Nair has placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in forms, two-man set events at national and international Chinese martial arts tournaments. He was awarded 1st place in empty hand two-person sets, 2nd place in weapon two-person sets, 2nd place in Advanced Northern empty hand form, and 2nd place in Advanced Other Weapons at the 2nd World Kuo Shu Championship Tournament, held by The World Kuo Shu Federation (TWKSF) in 2006 in Singapore. In 2009, he competed in Lei Tai Full Contact fighting at the US Kuo Shu International Championship Tournament and took 1st place in the Men’s Heavy C weight division. This earned him a spot on the U.S. National Lei Tai Team for the 3rd World Kuo Shu Tournament in Germany, as well as a nomination for USKSF 2009 Lei Tai Male Competitor of the Year.

Shi Fu Nair earned a Bachelors degree from University of Maryland, College Park and an MBA in project management. He currently works in global sourcing and project management for a large electronics and engineering firm.

Shi Fu Nair’s training interests are in external forms and traditional full contact fighting methods.

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