Shi Fu Hoffman

Shi Fu Hoffman, DDS, LMT

Dr. Hoffman is a 65th generation student and direct disciple of Grand Master Huang Chien-Liang and began training in 1999. He has competed in push hands and 2 man Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) sets and recently received first place in the 2-man set competition in International competition.

Dr. Hoffman is a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County, University of Maryland School of Dentistry and the Baltimore School of Massage. Dr. Hoffman retired as a dentist in 2004 and now practices as a licensed massage therapist.

Dr. Hoffman’s martial arts current personal goals are to continue to develop the internal benefits of Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) and the external application skills of Xing Yi Quan.


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