Shi Fu Gafos

Shi Fu Gafos

Shi Fu Gafos is a 65th Generation student of Tien Shan Pai under the tutelage of Grandmaster Huang. He started his training under Grandmaster Huang in 2002, after previously studying under a direct disciple of Grandmaster Huang. He is a 2nd degree Black Sash in Tien Shan Pai and has served as a Judge in multiple United States Kuo Shu Federation (USKSF) International Tournaments.

As a member of the 2009 US National Team, Shi Fu Gafos competed at the USKSF World Kuo Shu Tournament in Ulm, Germany. As a World Champion, Shi Fu Gafos received a gold and bronze medal in empty-hand and weapon forms, respectively.

Shi Fu Gafos is a graduate of Towson University in Maryland with a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Anthropology and completed graduate courses at Life University in Georgia. He works as a Health and Informatics Analyst at a health and wellness provider in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Shi Fu Gafos has been tenacious as both a Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) student and a practitioner of Tien Shan Pai. In addition, Shi Fu Gafos has assisted and trained with the Lei Tai Team for national and international tournaments. With the internal and external arts, he aspires to perfect his form and application of his techniques.

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