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Martial Arts for Kids

Kids Martial Arts

Do You Want to Help Your Kids Release Pent-Up Energy & Get Moving?


Kids Martial Arts

Build Unshakeable Confidence

You teach your child what is right – martial arts will give your child the confidence and attitude to do what’s right in every situation.

Research has shown the positive effects of developing character in martial arts. “Martial arts have a direct bearing on morality, disciplined ritual, and knowledge of man in the universe” (Becker, 1982), and gradually the Eastern philosophies that permeated martial arts practices encouraged “formation of good moral character [and] non-violent attitudes and behaviors” (Back and Kim, 1989).

Unlock Potential

Martial Arts are the key to success in academics, athletics, personal achievement and development!

USKSA’s instruction is the key to your child’s success in school, on the playing field, and among your child’s peers. USKSA teaches discipline, mental focus, commitment to goals, and the values of hard work, and self-control. Success with USKSA can give your child the competitive edge they need to be the star you know is there.

“I love this Academy for my son. His development has been amazing with his focus, confidence, and communication. The teachers are so patient, knowledgeable and skillful.” 

-T. Collins

Encourage Fitness

For thousands of years, martial arts has been a resource of health and vitality for practitioners all over the world!

USKSA offers physical conditioning that is being cut from school curriculums. Not only does fitness contribute to academic success, but it also helps lead to a lifetime of good health. USKSA can give your child an advantage in sports performance. In a study conducted at the Tokyo Metropolitan University, athletes who were also martial arts students had substantially better reaction times over athletes who were not.

Character Development

Develop a leadership mindset with discipline, focus, and integrity.

Health & Fitness

Increase strength and flexibility while improving stress management skills.

Make Friends

Join a community of like-minded individuals where you’re sure to make friends.

Self Defense

Gain confidence and learn conflict management skills to protect yourself.

Bully Proofing

As a loving parent, you want to be able to protect your child and keep them safe. Unfortunately, you can’t always be there when your child encounters dangerous peers.

USKSA teaches conflict avoidance and resolution techniques, and the skills your child needs to protect themselves from harm by others. On the other hand, if your child has demonstrated bully-type behavior patterns, the USKSA program can redirect those negative traits into positive gains.

Enhanced Self-Control & Discipline

Children are not born with self-control. Martial Arts training can guide your child through the years of changing expectations to become self-disciplined.

It may seem so tiny, but every small behavior when a child is very young adds up to a bigger behavior as they get older. We start with high expectations for our youngest martial artists in the class. As self-discipline is a progression of child development we can help further it along by encouraging our youngest to stay on task and not give in to their every urge.

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