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  • Fundamentals
  • Solo Form Practice
    • Wu Hsing Chuan (Five Fists)
    • Wu Hsing Hsiang Shen Hsiang Ke (Five Fists Creative and Destructive)
    • Zhi Sing Lian Hwan Chuan (Seven Star Linking Form)
    • Ba Shi Chuan (Eight Form Fist)
    • Chi Hsing Shi Pa
    • Za Shi Chui (Mixed Form)
    • Shi Er Hong
    • Ji Ben Dui Lian (Basic Two Person Set)
    • Anh Shen Pao (Advanced Two Man Set)
    • Shi Er Xing (Twelve Animals)
      • Long (Dragon)
      • Fu (Tiger)
      • Hou (Monkey)
      • Ma (Horse)
      • Tuo (Water Lizard)
      • Chi (Chicken)
      • Yao (Sparrow Hawk)
      • Yan (Swallow)
      • She (Snake)
      • Tai (Roc)
      • Ying (Eagle)
      • Hsiong (Bear)
    • Xingyiquan Weapons
      • Dao (Broadsword)
      • Jian (Straightsword)
      • Gwun (Long Staff)
    • Self Defense
    • Power Training
    • Chan Chuang (Standing Meditation)
    • Chin Chuo (Sitting Meditation)

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