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Tai Chi for Back Pain

Did you know that lower back pain is one of the leading causes of disability around the world? With such a large number of people struggling with back pain, it is surprising that treatment can be such a challenge. Painkillers & surgery are over-prescribed and not as effective as exercise. And Tai Chi is one of your best choices of pain relieving activities.

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What is Tai Chi Push Hands?

Tai chi push hands is a practice that a student of tai chi undertakes in addition to learning the form.  At its core, it is a two-person activity in which each maintains the connection with the other, keeps their own structure, and feels out weaknesses in their partner.  Ideally, it is dynamic: constantly moving and flowing. 

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Why Tai Chi Makes So Many of the Experts’ “Best Exercises” Lists

So what it about Tai Chi that puts it on Harvard’s 5 of The Best Exercises You Can Ever Do list? The benefits of Tai Chi are plentiful, but we feel quite strongly that the accessibility of Tai Chi is what puts it at the top. Tai Chi is the opposite of “no pain, no gain.” Business Insider reminds us that Tai Chi is good for everyone, regardless of fitness level, age, or ability.

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6 Top Benefits of Martial Arts Classes in Marriottsville

There are many more benefits to joining a Marriottsville martial arts class than any preconceived popular notions society might have you believe. Yes, you will learn some pretty sweet fighting moves for self-defense, but the benefits of practicing Kung Fu encompass physical fitness, mental strength, and a whole lot more. Read our top 6 benefits of practicing martial arts:

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The Benefits of Children’s Karate and Martial Arts Classes

Raising healthy, successful, kind, happy and well-rounded kids is the goal of most parents. The idea that “it takes a village” is still true today. From school to sports, to clubs, and family, you are not the only one guiding your child into adulthood. With smartphones, social media, video games, and participation trophies, navigating the changing landscape for the “right” way to raise your child is challenging to say the least.

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