US Kuo Shu COVID-19 Response

UPDATE 3/16/2020 Due to the mandate issued by the Governor of the State of Maryland today, we will be closing our schools effective at 5:00PM…

March 16, 2020

Confident Kids

Not every child wants to participate in a team sport. Many like to be active and learn new things, but at their own pace. Martial…

March 8, 2020

How Does Tai Chi Reduce Stress?

Known as “moving meditation,” Tai Chi practice is great for stress management and stress reduction. A recent neurological study began with people who had no…

February 9, 2020

Approved Weapon Source

Only weapons purchased through USKSA or through the following links are approved for usage at USKSA.  Please see an instructor for other weapon requirements. Rings…

May 15, 2019

The Power of Martial Arts: Anger Management

Martial arts provide the tools in mental and physical self-discipline that make it easier for a person to control their behavior even with strong emotions in play. While being taught self-defense and fighting skills, students are simultaneously taught that a physical altercation is the last resort. And with their newly earned skills, they are keenly aware of the power they possess and the importance of being responsible and only using that skill set if absolutely necessary.

February 19, 2019
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